FreshCleanTees Black Friday Sale Preview

The weather is turning colder, the leaves on the trees have turned a golden brown and dropped to the ground, and we’re starting to see signs of the holidays all around our neighborhoods. What does it all mean? Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday of course! You were waiting for Thanksgiving… right? Wrong!

Well, we’re excited to announce that your favorite tee shirt subscription site is going to be in on all the action with our Black Friday deals launching on Monday, November 21st. 

Quite frankly we’re not only pumped to be offering our best discounts of the entire year, but we’re ALSO celebrating our one-year anniversary. That means for a whole year we’ve been sending what we think are the best tee shirts on earth to our loyal monthly tee-shirt club members.

We’re not going to pull any punches with our deals. You’ll be able to get 25% off our entire site PLUS we’re including FREE SHIPPING for whatever you order during the sale.

344312132cbb41f59c8bd835e0a64ef8For our folks looking to take advantage of our tee shirt subscription packages, that means you’ll be getting your first batch of three tee shirts for as low as $27 for three tee-shirts. That means our tee shirts which typically would retail elsewhere for upwards of $25 per shirt can be had for 9 bucks a shirt plus free shipping. That’s an insane deal for tee shirts which compare to what you’d find with Mack Weldon, MeUndies and other high-end men’s fashion sites that sell tees for over $30 for a single tee shirt (yea we think that’s a crazy price too).

If you’re ready to jump on board and subscribe and save on your tee shirts you can sign-up here. Check back after November 21st for our coupon code.


We’ve also got a robust selection in our FreshCleanTees one-time shop, and you can rest-assured you’ll be able to get 25% plus FREE shipping on everything in that one-time shop also. Want a deal on our Fresh Clean Five-packs? You got it. Maybe you’ll wanna some pocket v-neck tee shirts, 25% off those also. Even our Founder’s Favorite 10-pack  — a sampling of our most popular tee shirts, our pocket v-necks, and our thermal long-sleeve tee shirts — will be massively discounted.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to check out FreshCleanTees, now is the time to take advantage and try us out. Learn why so many guys are ditching their old tee shirts and putting their trust into FreshCleanTees.

Click here to get started

FreshCleanTees Black Friday Sale Preview

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