The Secret Stars of the Bachelorette? Tee Shirts?

Another season of the Bachelorette has come and gone with Jojo Whateverherlastname is accepting a proposal from Jordan Rodgers, the ex-quarterback/brother of pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Throughout the course of the season, we here at FreshCleanTees noticed just how frequently those bachelor’s wore tee shirts. Like every dude on the damn show must have had a suitcase just for their tees, and honestly — we loved it. All the guys would be prime candidates for joining a tee shirt subscription service like ours (hint, hint).

In honor of the finale, we’ve decided to dedicate a little time to these fine, tee shirt obsessed gentleman in hopes they somehow stumble upon our lovely t-shirt subscription box and fire up some great tee shirts for themselves and maybe even their fans.

Jordan Rogers

Jordan Rogers -- Fresh Clean Tees

The “other” Rodgers brother who went on to win Jojo’s heart this summer wore tee shirts often throughout the show. During one of the final dates he was seen in a classic black v-neck, and in the hometown dates (pictured above) you can see him layering a simple jacket over a heather gray tee.

Based on what we’ve seen, we’d say Jordan would certainly be  a Shades of Grey tee shirt subscriber. We don’t mean this because he seemed to be shady AF, but we do mean it because he keeps his look classic, with black, white and gray tees coming to him on the regular.

Robbie Hayes

Robbie Hayes -- Fresh Clean tees

Ah, Robbie — you tried so hard bro. Seriously, though maybe if you hadn’t told Jojo you loved her with every other sentence you spoke you would have had a better shot at winning her love, and sending Jordan and his finely quaffed hair packing.

While we saw Robbie get dressed up quite a bit during the course of the season, he also didn’t shy away from showing off his tee shirt game. We saw Robbie unafraid to put on some tee shirts with a little color, like the mint green t-shirt pictured above. If he were to subscribe to FreshCleanTees, we’d pin him for a Wild Child  guy where he’d get a regular supply of colored tee shirts shipped to his door.

Luke Pell

Luke Pell -- FreshCleanTees

Luke. While you didn’t win Jojo’s hand in marriage, you’ve probably won over the hearts of women across the country with that rugged, cowboy style and tight tee shirts that showed off your sculpted body. In Jojo’s  own words “when I sent Luke home, America died.” Well, shoot. Thanks for killing America Jojo.

In terms of tee shirts, Luke seemed to keep it classic with black and white tee shirts as his staple. He’d sometimes layer a white tee shirt under a flannel shirt, or like the above shot keep it simple with a nice, fresh, black v-neck. If you do end up becoming the next Bachelor, Luke, let us know. We’ll hook it up with a James Dean (black and white tees) t-shirt subscription for you.

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson -- FreshCleanTees

There isn’t too much to say about Chad. The guy seems like a complete lunatic. The only time we saw Chad he was either eating meat, drinking a protein shake, trying to make out with Jojo, or getting ready to punch one of the other contestants.

If Chad ever decided to become a member of our tee shirt club, we’d pin him for the type of guy that would focus on all black tee shirts to pair perfectly with his black, black heart.

Chase McNary

Chase McNary -- Fresh Clean Tees

Chase didn’t say much throughout the show, so we don’t have much to say either. These women above seem to love his white v-neck tee shirt that he’s wearing underneath a blazer, and so do we.

So there we have it, another season of the Bachelor is in the books. Don’t be scared to be like these dudes and wear tee shirts as often as possible.

Use coupon code FRESH15 on any new order at FreshCleanTees and we’ll hook you up with 15% off your first order. 

The Secret Stars of the Bachelorette? Tee Shirts?

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