Stock Up on Your Tee Shirts This Summer at Fresh Clean Tees!

FreshCleanTees: Tee Shirt SubscriptionSummer has arrived, meaning it’s time for barbecues, the beach, beers, and lots of fun. When it comes to your wardrobe though,  you’ll likely be cycling through your favorite shorts and tee shirts more regularly, meaning it’s the perfect time to take advantage of a tee shirt subscription with FreshCleanTees. Seriously, the last thing you’ll want is to be out with your friends and notice your white tee shirt isn’t quite white any more, or you forgot you crushed a hot dog too fast and left some sweet mustard stains on your tees. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen, so we’ve compiled a few tips on how to take advantage of our monthly tee shirt club during the summer.

Brighten Things Up With Some Color

photo: @chrismehan IG

One of the best parts of our tee shirt subscription box is that we try our best to add new colors with each season. For summer, we’ve introduced some great colors that will ensure you stand out. Our Wild Child package will get you three colors each month, while our Color Me Bad package ensures you still get your basics — but we’ll also get you a fun summer color each shipment as well. Both ways are perfect for showing off how ridiculously handsome and stylish you are.

Stock Up With Fresh Clean Tee PacksFreshCleanTees: T-shirt subscription box

While most of our customers are big fans of the savings you see with our monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly tee shirt subscription, sometimes you just need to refresh your closet with a pack of tee shirts. In our one-time shop you can grab a Fresh Clean 5-pack in a variety of colors, in either v-necks or crew necks. Some of our members use Fresh Clean 5-packs for their basic white tee shirts, or black tee shirts, and have a Wild Child subscription to keep them stocked with some color.

Give The Gift of a Tee Shirt Subscription Box

Summer seems to be a time for giving. Maybe you need a last minute Father’s Day Gift, you’ve got a friends birthday around the corner, or you’ve got a family member graduating from high school or college and you’re not sure what to get them. You can’t go wrong with hooking someone up with a FreshCleanTees subscription. Tee shirts are something every guy needs, and since our tee shirts are the softest, most comfortable tee shirts anyone will ever wear, you’ll be thanked endlessly and get a lot of high-fives… or some sort of other awesome thank you present. Maybe like a Tesla?

Go Absolutely Nuts With Our Fresh Clean All Year Package

If too much sun gets you delirious, you win some sort of summer lottery jackpot,  or you’ve just got money to burn and have realized that putting on a brand new,  fresh, clean tee every single day makes life more enjoyable than you should splurge on a Fresh Clean All Year package. We’ll ship you a custom batch of 365 tee shirts. Yes you read that right, 365 tees shipped to your door ensuring you’ll never have to do tee shirt laundry again. Somewhat crazy? Yea. Amazingly awesome? Absolutely.

Don’t waste anymore time. Get some FreshCleanTees today! Use coupon code FRESH15BLOG at checkout for 15% off!

Stock Up on Your Tee Shirts This Summer at Fresh Clean Tees!

2 thoughts on “Stock Up on Your Tee Shirts This Summer at Fresh Clean Tees!

  1. I must admit their is nothing more refreshing then wearing a crispy fresh clean T during the summer months. That’s what makes subscription box T-shirts so attractive.


  2. What I really like about buying shirts is that most of them are crew necked shirts. It can make everything pretty easy. I also like the selection that you can choose from. Just by searching online, you really can find almost anything in a crew neck.


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