4 Reasons Guys Need a Tee Shirt Subscription

You can get subscriptions for just about everything these days. Razors, pet toys, beauty products, wine accessories, bow ties, beef jerky, and more. Seriously the list goes on and on, and you can just have a look at all the boxes on CrateJoy to see only a fraction of what’s available. So with so many options, why would someone look at FreshCleanTees, a men’s tee shirt subscription box as something they want, or need? Well,  the benefits of getting some simple, stylish, fresh clean tees shipped to your door are vast, and hopefully we can convince you to take the plunge into a world that’s more convenient, more reliable, more stylish, and where you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend on other cool stuff.

1. Men need new tee shirts more than they’d like to admit

Mens tee shirt subscription
Uh. Sorry, but you can’t wear this any more.

Face it guys, you probably need new tees more than you think. Whether you wear your Fresh Clean Tees on their own, layered with a blazer or sweater, or even as an undershirt — they simply don’t last forever. If we could make a tee shirt that lasted forever, we certainly would, but it’s simply impossible. Tee shirts eventually get pit stains, or maybe food on ’em, or in some cases they simply lose their shape over time. And guys simply don’t know how to say goodbye, well that and they’re also are a tad lazy, which leads to wearing shirts they shouldn’t any longer. By getting a shipment of tees monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly you eliminate awkward tee shirt moments forever. No longer will you wear that black v-neck with the white deodorant stains, or the grey crew neck that you’ve had in your drawer for 2 years and has absolutely no shape left to it and makes you look like a piece of dough or something. Crisp, new tees will leave you walking out the door with confidence. Confidence breeds success, and face it — the ladies love confident successful men.

2. A tee shirt that fits right is hard to find consistently

Finding a tee shirt that fits great is just not easy. For instance you may find some nice v-necks one month at Forever 21, or H&M that you  think have saved your world. You love them. You wear ’em to work, or out with your girl on a Friday night on a date. One day you start to realize that your nice black v-neck is starting to fade a bit, it’s now an odd brownish/grey color. Seriously just see #1 above about how tee shirts eventually let you down and expire. Knowing you liked the last batch you bought, you head back to Forever 21, or H&M to buy some more. “Sweet, they have ’em” you say and buy a batch of tees for the next month or two, only to put one on when you get home and notice the shirt fits in a completely different way. The sleeves are shorter, it’s a little tighter (and you haven’t even eaten bad this month), and for all intents and purposes it’s a completely different shirt. It is basically an alien tee shirt.

Enter Fresh Clean Tees. By joining our tee shirt subscription club you can trust that the tee shirts you got in January will be the same exact shirt you’ll get in June. We don’t mess with the size or fit to save a few bucks. We take pride in making sure our shirts are designed, and manufactured with care and consistency.  Your red v-neck you got in January will fit and feel just like your black crew neck you’ll get in March. If you’re a dude you’ll understand just how important this is, and we totally understand if you unleash a small, but effective fist pump when you see what we mean.

3. Simple tee shirts NEVER go out of style

Men's Tee Shirt Subscription
You may not be as handsome… but you can certainly rock the look.

The U.S. Navy started issuing tee shirts as we know them in 1913 as part of their standard issue uniforms. They’ve since become a fashion staple for men for over 100 years. Whether worn under dress shirts as an undershirt, or worn on their own as made iconic by James Dean and Marlon Brando, tee shirts are timeless. Sure graphic tee shirt style will come and go, but you simply can never go wrong by tossing on a plain black tee shirt and some jeans.

So whether you’re a quarterly member, or a monthly member you can rest assured and have confidence that your Fresh Clean Tees will always be in style.

4. Subscribing to Fresh Clean Tees saves you money

Tee Shirt Subscription Service
This can be you… With or without the mullet.

Now that we’ve given you a few of the keys as to why our tee shirt subscription club is so great for guys, we’ll give you the most important reason to become a member. We’ll save you hundreds of dollars a year compared to retail on your tee shirts. Now before you go comparing our prices to Fruit of Loom, just stop. Please realize — our shirts are not some thin-as-paper, see through white undershirts. Sure, you can wear our shirts as undershirts from time-to-time, but Fresh Clean tees are shirts you’d have no problem wearing out at a bar on their own, or layered underneath your favorite button down.

It’s not uncommon to see tee shirts of similar quality listed for $25-$30 a pop. Seriously, who wants to pay that much for tee shirts? Three shirts for 75 bucks? That leads guys towards the discount rack for their tees, and then you’ll have all sorts of fit and comfort problems (see point #2 above). When you set up your Fresh Clean Tees subscription you’ll be able to get premium tee shirts that you’ll love for as low as $12 a shirt when you subscribe monthly. Guys (and wives), do the math on how much you spend on tee shirts each year, we bet the number will be more than you thought. By switching over to a tee shirt subscription with Fresh Clean Tees you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year compared to retail. And for reals… who doesn’t like hundreds of dollars.

So there ya have it. Sure, you can fire up your monthly subscription to artisan cheese if that’s your thing, or relish in opening up a box filled with carefully curated grill tools or something, but what good will those things be when you’re dressed like a slob in your stained, 3-year old tee? A tee shirt subscription from Fresh Clean Tees is not only a nice to have, for most men it should be a necessity.

Save when you sign up  TODAY by using coupon code FRESH20 at checkout!


4 Reasons Guys Need a Tee Shirt Subscription

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