5 Reasons Why Dudes Need To Get On The Subscription Box Bandwagon

In the off chance you’ve been living under a rock or something, there has been an absolutely crazy surge of subscription boxes, or subscription services introduced over the past couple of years. Companies like Dollar Shave Club, BirchBox, BarkBox, are just a few of the most popular subscription box services, but if you pay attention, or check out marketplaces like CrateJoy — you’ll find a subscription box for just about everything. And while their are plenty of dudes taking advantage of men’s subscription boxes, many are missing out on a world of awesomeness. Here’s just a few reasons guys should be looking to add subscription box services to their lives.

1. The Convenience Factor of Men’s Subscription Boxes

Face it, most guys are not super thrilled about the idea of having to trek to the store. Whether it’s Target, a department store like Macy’s, or the dreaded and antiquated mall — guys equate shopping with some form of medieval water torture. With a few clicks around the web, this entire terrible process can be eliminated from your life forever. You can subscribe to get every shaving accessory on earth, funky socks, samples of various protein powders, boxes of hot sauces, nice dress shirts, a variety of fresh clean tee shirts, and shoot, you can even subscribe to get condoms monthly. Seriously, you need and buy these things more often than you think. Take a few minutes and subscribe to your faves and you’ll not only save valuable time, but you’ll also save more money than you think.

2. Stay on Trend Without Even Knowing It

men's subscription box

Look, taking time to subscribe to certain men’s subscription boxes is super convenient as we just discussed. On top of that though, many of these men’s subscription services are way ahead of the game when it comes to keeping you on top of the latest fashion trends. And let’s face it, plenty of guys simply know nothing about keeping up with the times… I bet there is someone reading this right now wearing an Affliction t-shirt and some jeans with some sort of embroidery on ’em. Finding the right men’s subscription box can help you avoid terribly awkward moments since the folks putting these packages together are on top of all the latest fashion trends and will be sending you gear that’ll keep you looking and feeling your best. And, Mr. Affliction t-shirt guy, really really sorry for calling you out.

3. Your Subscription Boxes Will Impress The Ladies

You may find this really hard to believe, but women love shopping. Shocker right? Who knew? You know what they love almost as much as shopping? A guy who knows how to procure cool shit every month via men’s subscription boxes. We can’t identify the exact science behind this, but there must be like a pheromone guys exude that’s somewhat linked to the packaging in subscription boxes. Trust us on this one. The added benefit? When your girl starts jacking your cool stuff you get monthly like your fresh clean tees, you can be like “hey girl, why don’t you just keep that” since you know more are on the way next month.

4. Men’s Subscription Boxes Will Save You Money

This one may go hand-in-hand with convenience, but men’s subscription box services will most certainly save you money. Most subscription box services are able to offer you better pricing on their items because you’re buying them regularly. Just look at Dollar Shave Club for instance, for like 6 bucks a month you get four, high quality blades that would retail for like $10-$15 in stores.

Subscription box businesses are effectively cutting out the middle man (retail stores) to get their products directly to the consumer. In turn they’re able to offer a better price, since they don’t have to pay those retail stores a cut for getting them in front of you. So find the products that you seem to need, or buy the most — and do a quick search for it to see if there is a subscription service that matches your need. For example, if you wear tee shirts on the reg, but you get frustrated because the fit so often changes at your favorite store, or they only are on sale a few times a year — fire up a search for “men’s t-shirt subscription boxes“. Hopefully, you’ll find us here at FreshCleanTees and we can save you hundreds of bucks on your tees each year compared to retail.

5. Support Small Business and The American Dream

Men's Subscription Box

While there certainly are a number of subscription box companies that are huge these days, most are, or were at one time a small startup conceived and built by everyday people like you and me. By subscribing and buying from these small startups, you’re in turn ensuring the American dream is alive and well. By taking care of small businesses, you can be sure that your products and shipments each month will be carefully looked after, and your customer service will be far and away better than it would in a traditional retail. Seems like a win-win to us.

So, there ya have it guys. Diving into the subscription box craze is not as scary as you may have thought. And whether you start with one subscription box service, or five — we’re pretty sure you’ll be very happy with the result.

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5 Reasons Why Dudes Need To Get On The Subscription Box Bandwagon

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