How to Repurpose your Fresh Clean Tees


So, you’ve been a member of our premier tee shirt subscription service, FreshCleanTees for a few months now, and your fresh new tee shirts have replaced your old ones in the closet but you don’t necessarily want to part with some of your favorite tee shirts. Here are a few ways you can repurpose those unwearable tee shirts, so you won’t feel so bad wearing that batch of brand new tee shirts each month from FreshCleanTees.

Make a tee shirt toy for your best friend

Since dogs like to chew pretty much everything anyway, and have probably gotten a hold of one of your tee shirts when you haven’t wanted them to, why not cut the pup a break this one time and craft ’em a sweet new toy.

Find out how HERE


Make some reusable grocery bags out of your FreshCleanTees

Nothing is worse than being at the grocery store and having to lug all your stuff in those crappy plastic bags. We’ve all been there with a fresh batch of groceries flying all over the driveway, and since buying them at the store isn’t always a great deal — why not make your own out of your old tees. It’s a great way  to recycle and also ensure you won’t lose any fresh produce.

You can learn to make ’em here


What? Tee Shirt Bracelets? Nice!

Ok, if you can master this one you’ll get some major points from your wife or girlfriend. She’ll be like “did you buy me some sweet new accessories” and you’ll be like “actually, sweetie I totally made these for you out of my old FreshCleanTees…” Needless to say, she’ll be super impressed and you’ll get yourself out of having to mow the lawn or something. Just make sure to not use a tee shirt that is disgusting. Big no-no there.

Find out how to make ’em  HERE


Or maybe a headband

She’ll be equally thrilled… maybe more so. Now you just need to spring for some Coachella tickets to go along with it.

Go headband crazy HERE


Make a quilt out of FreshCleanTees

This one is really only applicable if you’ve got a really crafty girlfriend who is reading over your shoulder…

Get super ambitious with it right HERE

ProsperityStuff T-Shirt and fleece quilt

Make a rug?!?

Yea, we’re getting a tad ridiculous, but who knows. Our tee shirts are super soft and would be really nice to walk on every day. So, why not?

Find out how HERE


Decide the rug is taking too long and just make a coaster

You’ve got to rest that ice cold beer somewhere, right?

Find out how HERE

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.20.17 AM

Car Wash Rags From FreshCleanTees

If the above options were a little “much” for you, you can earn your man card back by simply using your old tee shirts as rags around the house, or to wash your car. Not a whole lot too this one.

Find out how HERE


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How to Repurpose your Fresh Clean Tees