What’s So Special About our Tee Shirt Subscription

We’ve been in business for only a few months, and we’re pretty excited about how things have been progressing so far with FreshCleanTees. We were convinced that a tee shirt subscription box, or tee shirt subscription service would benefit guys greatly, but our customers are already showing us that by getting tee shirts delivered monthly, or bi-monthly there were some value that we hadn’t even anticipated. Before we dive into all the reasons let’s start by having a look at the primary reason you’ll love FreshCleanTees.

It’s the tee shirt, not the subscription that makes FreshCleanTees special


Our main focus with FreshCleanTees was to deliver a simply amazing tee shirt for our subscribers. You may be reading this and thinking, “but it’s just a tee shirt” and we’re hear to tell you that great tee shirts are hard to find. What we’ve noticed was there are essentially two spectrums of tees. You’ve got the super cheap tee shirt, which is your standard issue Fruit of the Loom 3-pack, and in some cases now the $8-$10 tee shirt that can be found in discount retailers like Target, or in stores like H&M. In the first instance, your simply buying a shirt that is meant to be hidden as an undershirt. That’s why they’re super thin and they have no shape. WIth your Target or H&M shirts, these shirts might look and wear well a couple of times, but soon after they become dingy in appearance, they shrink or lose shape, or in some cases they even start falling apart. All-in-all you might save a little money up front, but you certainly are not getting good value when you consider how often you need to replace them.

On the other side of the coin you’ve got the uber expensive “insert fancy cotton here” tees which are found in high-end boutiques, in niche online shops, or in men’s flash sale sites. You typically can’t buy these shirts in packs, because in all seriousness nobody is going to be able to afford a 3-pack for over a hundred bucks. These shirts may be comfortable, and look good — but at the end of the day they’re still a tee shirt. Your $42 white v-neck is certainly going to last longer than your H&M tee shirt, but it still has a firm expiration date. At some point in the not so distant future the pits will start changing color, or that small dab of salad dressing won’t come out. You simply can’t bank on your tee shirts having that long of a shelf life. Tee shirts are like razor blades, they should be replaced and refreshed regularly. And why on earth would you wanna be spending so much of your hard earned cash on tees. Plus, just think about how many beers you could buy if your tee shirt was $12 instead of $42… that’s a lot of beer.

So what makes FreshCleanTees different? It’s really quite simple. We feel like we’ve developed the perfect tee shirt solution. We’ve developed a tee shirt that fits all the criteria of the super expensive tees. They’re super soft and comfortable, preshrunk to ensure a consistent fit, are made with quality cotton blend and side seam that allows for a stylish fit, and come in a nice variety of colors and styles. In all seriousness, we’d gladly place our tees next to some of those $42 shirts and feel confident that customers would choose a FreshCleanTee without even taking price into consideration. However, to make our shirts even more appealing… we did take price into consideration. We wanted guys to be able to get all the benefits of the expensive tee, but at a price that was more closely aligned to the cheapies we talked about earlier. As discussed, your tee shirts will eventually expire — so finding that perfect mix of quality and price was the key for us. So we offer up 3 shirts for $36 bucks. While others are busy trying to sell you one at over thirty dollars, you can get a batch for $12 a pop.  So when that white v-neck starts showing its age, you’ll find it much easier for you to toss it, or add it to your gym collection than you would with that $42 tee that you may try to frame it was so expensive.

There you have it, there isn’t much of a gimmick with FreshCleanTees. We’re really just about great tee shirts. Sure we’ve added the trendy new subscription model to our tee shirts to make your lives even simpler, because let’s face it guys you just don’t think about shopping for tees as often as you need ’em. But at the end of the day our value comes from the attention we’ve paid to the shirts themselves. You wear tee shirts probably more than any other item in your wardrobe. You should not have to settle for one of two crappy options. Our tee shirt subscription service is here to deliver you tee shirts you’ll love at a price you won’t hate. It’s as simple as that.

Other Benefits Of Our Tee Shirt Subscription

Ok, so now that we’ve bared our souls and shown you the primary value of a FreshCleanTees subscription let’s get into some additional ways to utilize, and enjoy your tee shirt subscription.

  1. They’re fresh: Obvious, we know — but in all seriousness putting on a new tee shirt just makes you walk with more swagger. Don’t even lie, you know it does.
  2. They’re clean: Last silly one… well maybe. Face it guys, you are not good at doing laundry. Getting three new shirts a month allows you to be just a little bit lazier. Not doing laundry paired with point #1 above amps up that swagger factor even more.
  3. Variety: Many of our packages offer up variety that other tees don’t have. We include different colors of grey tee shirts in our Shades of Grey package, we ship you a nice colorful tee shirt in our Color Me Bad package, and if you order our Wild Child package you’ll constantly get three new colors each shipment. Oh, and we let you mix up your packages with v-necks and crew necks allowing for even more options.
  4. Flexible: Change your mind on what styles you want? You can swap up your membership each month if you’d like ensuring you have the ultimate tee shirt wardrobe. Oh, and if you packed on a few pounds at the holiday and need to swap the size until you get back to the gym, that’s not a problem either.
  5. Work Friendly: Tee shirts are easy to dress up for work. Instead of that white oxford button down underneath your suit jacket, pop a white, grey or black v-neck underneath. Comfortable, yet stylish and professional.
  6. Ladies love ’em: Studies show that women find men in tee shirts more attractive. ‘Nuff said.
  7. She can also wear ’em: Once you woo her with your tee shirt style, she’ll likely wanna put yours on the next morning. Why? Well, for one it’ll have your scent (in a good way since you wear FreshCleanTees), and she’ll find it soft and comfortable. It’s a win for you as well, because women wearing just a tee shirt can be very sexy.
  8. Workout friendly: Once one of our tees falls out of the “safe to wear everywhere” zone, they become perfect workout tees.  Soft, tagless and worn-in make for a perfect gym shirt.
  9. Eradicates stupid tees from your closet: That free tee Jack Daniels tee shirt you got at the bar a year ago that you still wear when nobody is looking, yea — you can get rid of that forever now, since you’ve got enough FreshCleanTees to keep you covered.
  10. Great as a Gift: This one’s the ladies who have no idea what to get you. While a tee shirt subscription as a gift may sound a bit boring, just look up at this list of benefits and you’ll see that your guy will end up so addicted to his FreshCleanTees he’ll be forever in your debt. And if he’s not spending that $42 per shirt we talked about, just imagine how frivolous he’ll get when buying your next gift.

Are you finding other cool ways to utilize your FreshCleanTee subscription? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Still waiting to try FreshCleanTees out? We’ll give you 20% off your first order TODAY when you use the code BLOG at checkout. Get started NOW! 

What’s So Special About our Tee Shirt Subscription

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