FreshCleanTees Black Friday Sale Preview

The weather is turning colder, the leaves on the trees have turned a golden brown and dropped to the ground, and we’re starting to see signs of the holidays all around our neighborhoods. What does it all mean? Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday of course! You were waiting for Thanksgiving… right? Wrong!

Well, we’re excited to announce that your favorite tee shirt subscription site is going to be in on all the action with our Black Friday deals launching on Monday, November 21st. 

Quite frankly we’re not only pumped to be offering our best discounts of the entire year, but we’re ALSO celebrating our one-year anniversary. That means for a whole year we’ve been sending what we think are the best tee shirts on earth to our loyal monthly tee-shirt club members.

We’re not going to pull any punches with our deals. You’ll be able to get 25% off our entire site PLUS we’re including FREE SHIPPING for whatever you order during the sale.

344312132cbb41f59c8bd835e0a64ef8For our folks looking to take advantage of our tee shirt subscription packages, that means you’ll be getting your first batch of three tee shirts for as low as $27 for three tee-shirts. That means our tee shirts which typically would retail elsewhere for upwards of $25 per shirt can be had for 9 bucks a shirt plus free shipping. That’s an insane deal for tee shirts which compare to what you’d find with Mack Weldon, MeUndies and other high-end men’s fashion sites that sell tees for over $30 for a single tee shirt (yea we think that’s a crazy price too).

If you’re ready to jump on board and subscribe and save on your tee shirts you can sign-up here. Check back after November 21st for our coupon code.


We’ve also got a robust selection in our FreshCleanTees one-time shop, and you can rest-assured you’ll be able to get 25% plus FREE shipping on everything in that one-time shop also. Want a deal on our Fresh Clean Five-packs? You got it. Maybe you’ll wanna some pocket v-neck tee shirts, 25% off those also. Even our Founder’s Favorite 10-pack  — a sampling of our most popular tee shirts, our pocket v-necks, and our thermal long-sleeve tee shirts — will be massively discounted.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to check out FreshCleanTees, now is the time to take advantage and try us out. Learn why so many guys are ditching their old tee shirts and putting their trust into FreshCleanTees.

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FreshCleanTees Black Friday Sale Preview

The Secret Stars of the Bachelorette? Tee Shirts?

Another season of the Bachelorette has come and gone with Jojo Whateverherlastname is accepting a proposal from Jordan Rodgers, the ex-quarterback/brother of pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Throughout the course of the season, we here at FreshCleanTees noticed just how frequently those bachelor’s wore tee shirts. Like every dude on the damn show must have had a suitcase just for their tees, and honestly — we loved it. All the guys would be prime candidates for joining a tee shirt subscription service like ours (hint, hint).

In honor of the finale, we’ve decided to dedicate a little time to these fine, tee shirt obsessed gentleman in hopes they somehow stumble upon our lovely t-shirt subscription box and fire up some great tee shirts for themselves and maybe even their fans.

Jordan Rogers

Jordan Rogers -- Fresh Clean Tees

The “other” Rodgers brother who went on to win Jojo’s heart this summer wore tee shirts often throughout the show. During one of the final dates he was seen in a classic black v-neck, and in the hometown dates (pictured above) you can see him layering a simple jacket over a heather gray tee.

Based on what we’ve seen, we’d say Jordan would certainly be  a Shades of Grey tee shirt subscriber. We don’t mean this because he seemed to be shady AF, but we do mean it because he keeps his look classic, with black, white and gray tees coming to him on the regular.

Robbie Hayes

Robbie Hayes -- Fresh Clean tees

Ah, Robbie — you tried so hard bro. Seriously, though maybe if you hadn’t told Jojo you loved her with every other sentence you spoke you would have had a better shot at winning her love, and sending Jordan and his finely quaffed hair packing.

While we saw Robbie get dressed up quite a bit during the course of the season, he also didn’t shy away from showing off his tee shirt game. We saw Robbie unafraid to put on some tee shirts with a little color, like the mint green t-shirt pictured above. If he were to subscribe to FreshCleanTees, we’d pin him for a Wild Child  guy where he’d get a regular supply of colored tee shirts shipped to his door.

Luke Pell

Luke Pell -- FreshCleanTees

Luke. While you didn’t win Jojo’s hand in marriage, you’ve probably won over the hearts of women across the country with that rugged, cowboy style and tight tee shirts that showed off your sculpted body. In Jojo’s  own words “when I sent Luke home, America died.” Well, shoot. Thanks for killing America Jojo.

In terms of tee shirts, Luke seemed to keep it classic with black and white tee shirts as his staple. He’d sometimes layer a white tee shirt under a flannel shirt, or like the above shot keep it simple with a nice, fresh, black v-neck. If you do end up becoming the next Bachelor, Luke, let us know. We’ll hook it up with a James Dean (black and white tees) t-shirt subscription for you.

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson -- FreshCleanTees

There isn’t too much to say about Chad. The guy seems like a complete lunatic. The only time we saw Chad he was either eating meat, drinking a protein shake, trying to make out with Jojo, or getting ready to punch one of the other contestants.

If Chad ever decided to become a member of our tee shirt club, we’d pin him for the type of guy that would focus on all black tee shirts to pair perfectly with his black, black heart.

Chase McNary

Chase McNary -- Fresh Clean Tees

Chase didn’t say much throughout the show, so we don’t have much to say either. These women above seem to love his white v-neck tee shirt that he’s wearing underneath a blazer, and so do we.

So there we have it, another season of the Bachelor is in the books. Don’t be scared to be like these dudes and wear tee shirts as often as possible.

Use coupon code FRESH15 on any new order at FreshCleanTees and we’ll hook you up with 15% off your first order. 

The Secret Stars of the Bachelorette? Tee Shirts?

Stock Up on Your Tee Shirts This Summer at Fresh Clean Tees!

FreshCleanTees: Tee Shirt SubscriptionSummer has arrived, meaning it’s time for barbecues, the beach, beers, and lots of fun. When it comes to your wardrobe though,  you’ll likely be cycling through your favorite shorts and tee shirts more regularly, meaning it’s the perfect time to take advantage of a tee shirt subscription with FreshCleanTees. Seriously, the last thing you’ll want is to be out with your friends and notice your white tee shirt isn’t quite white any more, or you forgot you crushed a hot dog too fast and left some sweet mustard stains on your tees. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen, so we’ve compiled a few tips on how to take advantage of our monthly tee shirt club during the summer.

Brighten Things Up With Some Color

photo: @chrismehan IG

One of the best parts of our tee shirt subscription box is that we try our best to add new colors with each season. For summer, we’ve introduced some great colors that will ensure you stand out. Our Wild Child package will get you three colors each month, while our Color Me Bad package ensures you still get your basics — but we’ll also get you a fun summer color each shipment as well. Both ways are perfect for showing off how ridiculously handsome and stylish you are.

Stock Up With Fresh Clean Tee PacksFreshCleanTees: T-shirt subscription box

While most of our customers are big fans of the savings you see with our monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly tee shirt subscription, sometimes you just need to refresh your closet with a pack of tee shirts. In our one-time shop you can grab a Fresh Clean 5-pack in a variety of colors, in either v-necks or crew necks. Some of our members use Fresh Clean 5-packs for their basic white tee shirts, or black tee shirts, and have a Wild Child subscription to keep them stocked with some color.

Give The Gift of a Tee Shirt Subscription Box

Summer seems to be a time for giving. Maybe you need a last minute Father’s Day Gift, you’ve got a friends birthday around the corner, or you’ve got a family member graduating from high school or college and you’re not sure what to get them. You can’t go wrong with hooking someone up with a FreshCleanTees subscription. Tee shirts are something every guy needs, and since our tee shirts are the softest, most comfortable tee shirts anyone will ever wear, you’ll be thanked endlessly and get a lot of high-fives… or some sort of other awesome thank you present. Maybe like a Tesla?

Go Absolutely Nuts With Our Fresh Clean All Year Package

If too much sun gets you delirious, you win some sort of summer lottery jackpot,  or you’ve just got money to burn and have realized that putting on a brand new,  fresh, clean tee every single day makes life more enjoyable than you should splurge on a Fresh Clean All Year package. We’ll ship you a custom batch of 365 tee shirts. Yes you read that right, 365 tees shipped to your door ensuring you’ll never have to do tee shirt laundry again. Somewhat crazy? Yea. Amazingly awesome? Absolutely.

Don’t waste anymore time. Get some FreshCleanTees today! Use coupon code FRESH15BLOG at checkout for 15% off!

Stock Up on Your Tee Shirts This Summer at Fresh Clean Tees!

The Premier Tee Shirt Subscription Box Launches Affiliate Program

Guess what? We here at FreshCleanTees are super excited to announce that we’ve launched an affiliate program. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you’re interested in promoting the best tee shirt subscription service on the planet to your loyal audience and followers than we’re interested in giving you a commission on every single monthly tee shirt member you bring our way!

Tee shirt subscription
FreshCleanTees: The Premier Tee Shirt Subscription Box

We’re keeping things pretty simple for those of you interested in joining the program. You’ll just need to send us an email to [email protected] letting us know why you’d be a great ambassador for FreshCleanTees, and we’ll set you up with special links that will track every sale that comes our way from you. For every new monthly tee shirt club member that signs up for a tee shirt subscription you’ll earn 10 bucks. We’re also paying $10 commission on any customer who purchases a Fresh Clean 5-pack.

Once you’re approved for our FreshCleanTees affiliate program, you’ll have access to a dashboard that has links, banners and more to help you promote the brand. You’ll also be able to keep track of all your commissions as well as clicks you’ve sent to the site. It’s the perfect way to earn some extra cash if you’ve got a blog, or a social media account that’s got a loyal following.

The program is limited at first, so don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] to get started or find out more information. 

The Premier Tee Shirt Subscription Box Launches Affiliate Program

How to Repurpose your Fresh Clean Tees


So, you’ve been a member of our premier tee shirt subscription service, FreshCleanTees for a few months now, and your fresh new tee shirts have replaced your old ones in the closet but you don’t necessarily want to part with some of your favorite tee shirts. Here are a few ways you can repurpose those unwearable tee shirts, so you won’t feel so bad wearing that batch of brand new tee shirts each month from FreshCleanTees.

Make a tee shirt toy for your best friend

Since dogs like to chew pretty much everything anyway, and have probably gotten a hold of one of your tee shirts when you haven’t wanted them to, why not cut the pup a break this one time and craft ’em a sweet new toy.

Find out how HERE


Make some reusable grocery bags out of your FreshCleanTees

Nothing is worse than being at the grocery store and having to lug all your stuff in those crappy plastic bags. We’ve all been there with a fresh batch of groceries flying all over the driveway, and since buying them at the store isn’t always a great deal — why not make your own out of your old tees. It’s a great way  to recycle and also ensure you won’t lose any fresh produce.

You can learn to make ’em here


What? Tee Shirt Bracelets? Nice!

Ok, if you can master this one you’ll get some major points from your wife or girlfriend. She’ll be like “did you buy me some sweet new accessories” and you’ll be like “actually, sweetie I totally made these for you out of my old FreshCleanTees…” Needless to say, she’ll be super impressed and you’ll get yourself out of having to mow the lawn or something. Just make sure to not use a tee shirt that is disgusting. Big no-no there.

Find out how to make ’em  HERE


Or maybe a headband

She’ll be equally thrilled… maybe more so. Now you just need to spring for some Coachella tickets to go along with it.

Go headband crazy HERE


Make a quilt out of FreshCleanTees

This one is really only applicable if you’ve got a really crafty girlfriend who is reading over your shoulder…

Get super ambitious with it right HERE

ProsperityStuff T-Shirt and fleece quilt

Make a rug?!?

Yea, we’re getting a tad ridiculous, but who knows. Our tee shirts are super soft and would be really nice to walk on every day. So, why not?

Find out how HERE


Decide the rug is taking too long and just make a coaster

You’ve got to rest that ice cold beer somewhere, right?

Find out how HERE

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.20.17 AM

Car Wash Rags From FreshCleanTees

If the above options were a little “much” for you, you can earn your man card back by simply using your old tee shirts as rags around the house, or to wash your car. Not a whole lot too this one.

Find out how HERE


Ready to take the plunge join the best tee shirt subscription club on the planet? Join today by clicking here. 

How to Repurpose your Fresh Clean Tees

A T-Shirt Subscription Opens A World of Style Possibilities

A tee shirt was, is and undoubtedly will continue to be in style. A tee shirt – plain, printed, collared, v or crew neck – can be styled in so many ways and offer several different styling options. From morning work to the evening party; a good t-shirt can make you updated on style all through the day and in every season. Additionally, a t-shirt offers the comfort and wearability that every man desires. Whether worn under a dress shirt or as a statement piece in itself, all styles and all purposes are best suited for a t-shirt. Let’s take a look at some of the popular and stylish ways to wear a t-shirt.

The beach look!

A vibrant colored t-shirt with a good pair of linen shorts and flip flops is the coolest beach look that makes you look stylish and relaxed. You can wear a solid colored t-shirt with patterned linen shorts or wear a printed t-shirt with plain shorts. Anyway you spin it, you look cool and easy going!

The Night Club

A great t-shirt with good fitting denims and maybe some sweet kicks and you are ready for a night of partying! You can choose a v-neck black tee with dark blue denims, a good belt to match your shoes and maybe a bit of bling… but we leave that up to you.

The Professional Edge

A plain white t-shirt under a solid collared shirt with formal pants can make you look professional yet give you the comfort you need. Always opt for whites or light greys when wearing a tee under a formal shirt.

The Sporty Look

Throw some joggers on with a nice simple t-shirt for a sporty yet stylish look. You can mix up styles and colors here to keep  things fresh on a week-to-week basis so all your friends just think you’ve got an unlimited supply of fresh tees… because, well you do.

These are just some of the many looks you can achieve with something as simple as a t-shirt. Always opt for tees that fit well, and aren’t too old or tattered. The right t-shirt for the right time can make or break your look! You may even wanna carry a fresh t-shirt with you if you can — as it hardly takes any space and you’ll always feel so fresh and so clean. A quick t-shirt change will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Get started with your t-shirt subscription today at FreshCleanTees

A T-Shirt Subscription Opens A World of Style Possibilities

5 Style Tips To Keep You Looking Great in Your Tee Shirts

Tee shirts are a key component to any man’s wardrobe. They can either set the tone for an entire outfit, or compliment another wardrobe item that’s meant to be the centerpiece for the day.  Our tee shirt subscription club is meant to keep your tee shirt game on point by not only providing you fresh, and utterly fantastic tees on the reg, but also by delivering you the sort of variety that will allow for you to take advantage of your tees in ways you never even thought.

Style Tips To Rock Your Tee Shirt Subscription tee shirt subscription -- FreshCleanTees

1. Classic Tee Shirt and Jeans. This one’s simple, but needs to be included nonetheless. Pairing a simple black or white tee shirt with jeans never goes out of style. Doesn’t matter if it’s a v-neck or crew neck here, as long as the shirt is in good shape. You don’t want any yellow pits with your white tee, and you don’t want your black tee to look totally faded.

2. Swap Out The Dress Shirt. If you wear a suit, or sports jacket to work regularly sometimes you feel like you’re in the movie Groundhog’s Day with your style, right? When you’ve got a tee shirt subscription with FreshCleanTees you can easily flip the script on your vibe by replacing that button down with a stylish, yet comfortable tee shirt. You can’t go wrong with a white or grey tee depending on the suit, but we’d also suggest spicing it up with some color. Toss a bright red v-neck underneath that black or grey suit jacket and you’ve got a look that’s going to turn some heads at the office.

tee shirt subscription -- FreshCleanTees

3. Layer Your FreshCleanTees. Another play on the classic tee shirt look, but instead of simply wearing your sweet blue v-neck, you pair it with a basic color like white underneath. It’s almost like adding a border to a photo you’re editing for Instagram. A little white or grey edge to your look gives you that added dimension you need to stand out from the crowd. Our Color Me Bad tee shirt subscription is fantastic for this, as you’ll always have the basics to layer with your colorful tee.

4.  Sweater Weather. Unfortunately for much of the world, we’ve got to deal with this thing called winter, and wearing a tee on its own is simply not feasible. Don’t fret, your tee shirt delivery won’t be chilled out just because the weather is. Pop one of your colorful crew neck tees right under a v-neck sweater to create a unique look. Pairing the right tee underneath a button up sweater, or cardigan is also a great way to make sure you stay warm and stylish.

5. Tee Shirt, Meet Button Down. Most of the time you keep these guys away from one another, right? Trust us, they can work as buddies also. Try pairing a tee shirt underneath an unbuttoned button down. You can keep it simple with a nice white v-neck underneath a patterned button down, or you can maybe pop a bright blue tee shirt right underneath a white dress shirt to create a bold look. So many options with this.

Often tee shirts get overlooked as being boring, or simple when thought of in fashion, but as you can see tee shirts can play a huge role in developing your style. It’s imperative you keep your tee shirts fresh though, as none of these looks are overly sexy when  paired with a funky  smell, or when a nice white tee is spoiled by a mustard stain from the ballgame you just went to last weekend. By joining a tee shirt subscription club like FreshCleanTees not only does it ensure you won’t have to worry about those awkward tee shirt moments, it also ensure you’ll have a great fitting, comfortable tee shirt that is consistent and trustworthy as you’re creating the perfect outfit.

Get the best tee shirt you’ll ever wear at FreshCleanTees TODAY!


5 Style Tips To Keep You Looking Great in Your Tee Shirts

What’s So Special About our Tee Shirt Subscription

We’ve been in business for only a few months, and we’re pretty excited about how things have been progressing so far with FreshCleanTees. We were convinced that a tee shirt subscription box, or tee shirt subscription service would benefit guys greatly, but our customers are already showing us that by getting tee shirts delivered monthly, or bi-monthly there were some value that we hadn’t even anticipated. Before we dive into all the reasons let’s start by having a look at the primary reason you’ll love FreshCleanTees.

It’s the tee shirt, not the subscription that makes FreshCleanTees special


Our main focus with FreshCleanTees was to deliver a simply amazing tee shirt for our subscribers. You may be reading this and thinking, “but it’s just a tee shirt” and we’re hear to tell you that great tee shirts are hard to find. What we’ve noticed was there are essentially two spectrums of tees. You’ve got the super cheap tee shirt, which is your standard issue Fruit of the Loom 3-pack, and in some cases now the $8-$10 tee shirt that can be found in discount retailers like Target, or in stores like H&M. In the first instance, your simply buying a shirt that is meant to be hidden as an undershirt. That’s why they’re super thin and they have no shape. WIth your Target or H&M shirts, these shirts might look and wear well a couple of times, but soon after they become dingy in appearance, they shrink or lose shape, or in some cases they even start falling apart. All-in-all you might save a little money up front, but you certainly are not getting good value when you consider how often you need to replace them.

On the other side of the coin you’ve got the uber expensive “insert fancy cotton here” tees which are found in high-end boutiques, in niche online shops, or in men’s flash sale sites. You typically can’t buy these shirts in packs, because in all seriousness nobody is going to be able to afford a 3-pack for over a hundred bucks. These shirts may be comfortable, and look good — but at the end of the day they’re still a tee shirt. Your $42 white v-neck is certainly going to last longer than your H&M tee shirt, but it still has a firm expiration date. At some point in the not so distant future the pits will start changing color, or that small dab of salad dressing won’t come out. You simply can’t bank on your tee shirts having that long of a shelf life. Tee shirts are like razor blades, they should be replaced and refreshed regularly. And why on earth would you wanna be spending so much of your hard earned cash on tees. Plus, just think about how many beers you could buy if your tee shirt was $12 instead of $42… that’s a lot of beer.

So what makes FreshCleanTees different? It’s really quite simple. We feel like we’ve developed the perfect tee shirt solution. We’ve developed a tee shirt that fits all the criteria of the super expensive tees. They’re super soft and comfortable, preshrunk to ensure a consistent fit, are made with quality cotton blend and side seam that allows for a stylish fit, and come in a nice variety of colors and styles. In all seriousness, we’d gladly place our tees next to some of those $42 shirts and feel confident that customers would choose a FreshCleanTee without even taking price into consideration. However, to make our shirts even more appealing… we did take price into consideration. We wanted guys to be able to get all the benefits of the expensive tee, but at a price that was more closely aligned to the cheapies we talked about earlier. As discussed, your tee shirts will eventually expire — so finding that perfect mix of quality and price was the key for us. So we offer up 3 shirts for $36 bucks. While others are busy trying to sell you one at over thirty dollars, you can get a batch for $12 a pop.  So when that white v-neck starts showing its age, you’ll find it much easier for you to toss it, or add it to your gym collection than you would with that $42 tee that you may try to frame it was so expensive.

There you have it, there isn’t much of a gimmick with FreshCleanTees. We’re really just about great tee shirts. Sure we’ve added the trendy new subscription model to our tee shirts to make your lives even simpler, because let’s face it guys you just don’t think about shopping for tees as often as you need ’em. But at the end of the day our value comes from the attention we’ve paid to the shirts themselves. You wear tee shirts probably more than any other item in your wardrobe. You should not have to settle for one of two crappy options. Our tee shirt subscription service is here to deliver you tee shirts you’ll love at a price you won’t hate. It’s as simple as that.

Other Benefits Of Our Tee Shirt Subscription

Ok, so now that we’ve bared our souls and shown you the primary value of a FreshCleanTees subscription let’s get into some additional ways to utilize, and enjoy your tee shirt subscription.

  1. They’re fresh: Obvious, we know — but in all seriousness putting on a new tee shirt just makes you walk with more swagger. Don’t even lie, you know it does.
  2. They’re clean: Last silly one… well maybe. Face it guys, you are not good at doing laundry. Getting three new shirts a month allows you to be just a little bit lazier. Not doing laundry paired with point #1 above amps up that swagger factor even more.
  3. Variety: Many of our packages offer up variety that other tees don’t have. We include different colors of grey tee shirts in our Shades of Grey package, we ship you a nice colorful tee shirt in our Color Me Bad package, and if you order our Wild Child package you’ll constantly get three new colors each shipment. Oh, and we let you mix up your packages with v-necks and crew necks allowing for even more options.
  4. Flexible: Change your mind on what styles you want? You can swap up your membership each month if you’d like ensuring you have the ultimate tee shirt wardrobe. Oh, and if you packed on a few pounds at the holiday and need to swap the size until you get back to the gym, that’s not a problem either.
  5. Work Friendly: Tee shirts are easy to dress up for work. Instead of that white oxford button down underneath your suit jacket, pop a white, grey or black v-neck underneath. Comfortable, yet stylish and professional.
  6. Ladies love ’em: Studies show that women find men in tee shirts more attractive. ‘Nuff said.
  7. She can also wear ’em: Once you woo her with your tee shirt style, she’ll likely wanna put yours on the next morning. Why? Well, for one it’ll have your scent (in a good way since you wear FreshCleanTees), and she’ll find it soft and comfortable. It’s a win for you as well, because women wearing just a tee shirt can be very sexy.
  8. Workout friendly: Once one of our tees falls out of the “safe to wear everywhere” zone, they become perfect workout tees.  Soft, tagless and worn-in make for a perfect gym shirt.
  9. Eradicates stupid tees from your closet: That free tee Jack Daniels tee shirt you got at the bar a year ago that you still wear when nobody is looking, yea — you can get rid of that forever now, since you’ve got enough FreshCleanTees to keep you covered.
  10. Great as a Gift: This one’s the ladies who have no idea what to get you. While a tee shirt subscription as a gift may sound a bit boring, just look up at this list of benefits and you’ll see that your guy will end up so addicted to his FreshCleanTees he’ll be forever in your debt. And if he’s not spending that $42 per shirt we talked about, just imagine how frivolous he’ll get when buying your next gift.

Are you finding other cool ways to utilize your FreshCleanTee subscription? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Still waiting to try FreshCleanTees out? We’ll give you 20% off your first order TODAY when you use the code BLOG at checkout. Get started NOW! 

What’s So Special About our Tee Shirt Subscription

4 Reasons Guys Need a Tee Shirt Subscription

You can get subscriptions for just about everything these days. Razors, pet toys, beauty products, wine accessories, bow ties, beef jerky, and more. Seriously the list goes on and on, and you can just have a look at all the boxes on CrateJoy to see only a fraction of what’s available. So with so many options, why would someone look at FreshCleanTees, a men’s tee shirt subscription box as something they want, or need? Well,  the benefits of getting some simple, stylish, fresh clean tees shipped to your door are vast, and hopefully we can convince you to take the plunge into a world that’s more convenient, more reliable, more stylish, and where you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend on other cool stuff.

1. Men need new tee shirts more than they’d like to admit

Mens tee shirt subscription
Uh. Sorry, but you can’t wear this any more.

Face it guys, you probably need new tees more than you think. Whether you wear your Fresh Clean Tees on their own, layered with a blazer or sweater, or even as an undershirt — they simply don’t last forever. If we could make a tee shirt that lasted forever, we certainly would, but it’s simply impossible. Tee shirts eventually get pit stains, or maybe food on ’em, or in some cases they simply lose their shape over time. And guys simply don’t know how to say goodbye, well that and they’re also are a tad lazy, which leads to wearing shirts they shouldn’t any longer. By getting a shipment of tees monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly you eliminate awkward tee shirt moments forever. No longer will you wear that black v-neck with the white deodorant stains, or the grey crew neck that you’ve had in your drawer for 2 years and has absolutely no shape left to it and makes you look like a piece of dough or something. Crisp, new tees will leave you walking out the door with confidence. Confidence breeds success, and face it — the ladies love confident successful men.

2. A tee shirt that fits right is hard to find consistently

Finding a tee shirt that fits great is just not easy. For instance you may find some nice v-necks one month at Forever 21, or H&M that you  think have saved your world. You love them. You wear ’em to work, or out with your girl on a Friday night on a date. One day you start to realize that your nice black v-neck is starting to fade a bit, it’s now an odd brownish/grey color. Seriously just see #1 above about how tee shirts eventually let you down and expire. Knowing you liked the last batch you bought, you head back to Forever 21, or H&M to buy some more. “Sweet, they have ’em” you say and buy a batch of tees for the next month or two, only to put one on when you get home and notice the shirt fits in a completely different way. The sleeves are shorter, it’s a little tighter (and you haven’t even eaten bad this month), and for all intents and purposes it’s a completely different shirt. It is basically an alien tee shirt.

Enter Fresh Clean Tees. By joining our tee shirt subscription club you can trust that the tee shirts you got in January will be the same exact shirt you’ll get in June. We don’t mess with the size or fit to save a few bucks. We take pride in making sure our shirts are designed, and manufactured with care and consistency.  Your red v-neck you got in January will fit and feel just like your black crew neck you’ll get in March. If you’re a dude you’ll understand just how important this is, and we totally understand if you unleash a small, but effective fist pump when you see what we mean.

3. Simple tee shirts NEVER go out of style

Men's Tee Shirt Subscription
You may not be as handsome… but you can certainly rock the look.

The U.S. Navy started issuing tee shirts as we know them in 1913 as part of their standard issue uniforms. They’ve since become a fashion staple for men for over 100 years. Whether worn under dress shirts as an undershirt, or worn on their own as made iconic by James Dean and Marlon Brando, tee shirts are timeless. Sure graphic tee shirt style will come and go, but you simply can never go wrong by tossing on a plain black tee shirt and some jeans.

So whether you’re a quarterly member, or a monthly member you can rest assured and have confidence that your Fresh Clean Tees will always be in style.

4. Subscribing to Fresh Clean Tees saves you money

Tee Shirt Subscription Service
This can be you… With or without the mullet.

Now that we’ve given you a few of the keys as to why our tee shirt subscription club is so great for guys, we’ll give you the most important reason to become a member. We’ll save you hundreds of dollars a year compared to retail on your tee shirts. Now before you go comparing our prices to Fruit of Loom, just stop. Please realize — our shirts are not some thin-as-paper, see through white undershirts. Sure, you can wear our shirts as undershirts from time-to-time, but Fresh Clean tees are shirts you’d have no problem wearing out at a bar on their own, or layered underneath your favorite button down.

It’s not uncommon to see tee shirts of similar quality listed for $25-$30 a pop. Seriously, who wants to pay that much for tee shirts? Three shirts for 75 bucks? That leads guys towards the discount rack for their tees, and then you’ll have all sorts of fit and comfort problems (see point #2 above). When you set up your Fresh Clean Tees subscription you’ll be able to get premium tee shirts that you’ll love for as low as $12 a shirt when you subscribe monthly. Guys (and wives), do the math on how much you spend on tee shirts each year, we bet the number will be more than you thought. By switching over to a tee shirt subscription with Fresh Clean Tees you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year compared to retail. And for reals… who doesn’t like hundreds of dollars.

So there ya have it. Sure, you can fire up your monthly subscription to artisan cheese if that’s your thing, or relish in opening up a box filled with carefully curated grill tools or something, but what good will those things be when you’re dressed like a slob in your stained, 3-year old tee? A tee shirt subscription from Fresh Clean Tees is not only a nice to have, for most men it should be a necessity.

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4 Reasons Guys Need a Tee Shirt Subscription

5 Reasons Why Dudes Need To Get On The Subscription Box Bandwagon

In the off chance you’ve been living under a rock or something, there has been an absolutely crazy surge of subscription boxes, or subscription services introduced over the past couple of years. Companies like Dollar Shave Club, BirchBox, BarkBox, are just a few of the most popular subscription box services, but if you pay attention, or check out marketplaces like CrateJoy — you’ll find a subscription box for just about everything. And while their are plenty of dudes taking advantage of men’s subscription boxes, many are missing out on a world of awesomeness. Here’s just a few reasons guys should be looking to add subscription box services to their lives.

1. The Convenience Factor of Men’s Subscription Boxes

Face it, most guys are not super thrilled about the idea of having to trek to the store. Whether it’s Target, a department store like Macy’s, or the dreaded and antiquated mall — guys equate shopping with some form of medieval water torture. With a few clicks around the web, this entire terrible process can be eliminated from your life forever. You can subscribe to get every shaving accessory on earth, funky socks, samples of various protein powders, boxes of hot sauces, nice dress shirts, a variety of fresh clean tee shirts, and shoot, you can even subscribe to get condoms monthly. Seriously, you need and buy these things more often than you think. Take a few minutes and subscribe to your faves and you’ll not only save valuable time, but you’ll also save more money than you think.

2. Stay on Trend Without Even Knowing It

men's subscription box

Look, taking time to subscribe to certain men’s subscription boxes is super convenient as we just discussed. On top of that though, many of these men’s subscription services are way ahead of the game when it comes to keeping you on top of the latest fashion trends. And let’s face it, plenty of guys simply know nothing about keeping up with the times… I bet there is someone reading this right now wearing an Affliction t-shirt and some jeans with some sort of embroidery on ’em. Finding the right men’s subscription box can help you avoid terribly awkward moments since the folks putting these packages together are on top of all the latest fashion trends and will be sending you gear that’ll keep you looking and feeling your best. And, Mr. Affliction t-shirt guy, really really sorry for calling you out.

3. Your Subscription Boxes Will Impress The Ladies

You may find this really hard to believe, but women love shopping. Shocker right? Who knew? You know what they love almost as much as shopping? A guy who knows how to procure cool shit every month via men’s subscription boxes. We can’t identify the exact science behind this, but there must be like a pheromone guys exude that’s somewhat linked to the packaging in subscription boxes. Trust us on this one. The added benefit? When your girl starts jacking your cool stuff you get monthly like your fresh clean tees, you can be like “hey girl, why don’t you just keep that” since you know more are on the way next month.

4. Men’s Subscription Boxes Will Save You Money

This one may go hand-in-hand with convenience, but men’s subscription box services will most certainly save you money. Most subscription box services are able to offer you better pricing on their items because you’re buying them regularly. Just look at Dollar Shave Club for instance, for like 6 bucks a month you get four, high quality blades that would retail for like $10-$15 in stores.

Subscription box businesses are effectively cutting out the middle man (retail stores) to get their products directly to the consumer. In turn they’re able to offer a better price, since they don’t have to pay those retail stores a cut for getting them in front of you. So find the products that you seem to need, or buy the most — and do a quick search for it to see if there is a subscription service that matches your need. For example, if you wear tee shirts on the reg, but you get frustrated because the fit so often changes at your favorite store, or they only are on sale a few times a year — fire up a search for “men’s t-shirt subscription boxes“. Hopefully, you’ll find us here at FreshCleanTees and we can save you hundreds of bucks on your tees each year compared to retail.

5. Support Small Business and The American Dream

Men's Subscription Box

While there certainly are a number of subscription box companies that are huge these days, most are, or were at one time a small startup conceived and built by everyday people like you and me. By subscribing and buying from these small startups, you’re in turn ensuring the American dream is alive and well. By taking care of small businesses, you can be sure that your products and shipments each month will be carefully looked after, and your customer service will be far and away better than it would in a traditional retail. Seems like a win-win to us.

So, there ya have it guys. Diving into the subscription box craze is not as scary as you may have thought. And whether you start with one subscription box service, or five — we’re pretty sure you’ll be very happy with the result.

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5 Reasons Why Dudes Need To Get On The Subscription Box Bandwagon